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Adults with Traumatic and Acquired
Brain Injuries and Their Families....
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Power of CAN Publishing is proud to support Hinds' Feet Farm and dissemination of their inspirational book. Purchase "Hinds’ Feet Farm Tales" Written
and Illustrated by The Members of Hinds’ Feet Farm! Your about to read a story about trying to
cope with living with a Traumatic Brain Injury. It is the
most complicated injury that can possibly occur. Each person’s Traumatic Brain Injury, or TBI, is very different. No two TBIs are the same! Half the battle
of recovering from a TBI is realizing that you have a brain injury and accepting what happened to you. As a family of farm animals with brain injuries, we
stand together as one. Our community is one of respect and welcoming, no matter who you are.
We believe it is important to treat everyone
equally and to focus on abilities, not disabilities.
Come join us for a day at Hinds’ Feet Farm as we help our visitor, Kyle, learn about brain injuries.

Volunteering there has changed my outlook on possibilities and what we can do to excel in our abilities. Thank You Hinds' Feet Farm,
Members and Staff! A Great Inspiration! - Jessica Keyes, The Power of CAN